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Video: Virginia LG Justin Fairfax Walks Out as Republican Senator Pays “Tribute to the Memory” of Confederate Gen. “Stonewall” Jackson


Check out the video, below, which shows Virginia Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax (D) recognizing Sen. Emmett Hanger (R-Augusta County). Hanger then proceeds to pay “tribute to the memory” of Confederate General “Stonewall” Jackson and moves that the Senate adjourn “in memory of” said Confederate general. Note that at the end of the video, as the camera moves back to where Justin Fairfax normally stands, he’s no longer there? The reason: as the Washington Post reports, Fairfax commented that he “just wanted to, in a very respectful but very definite way, make it clear that these were not adjournment motions that I felt comfortable presiding over, and I was not going to do it.”

Personally, I want to commend Justin Fairfax for his actions today, which were both appropriate and classy. I just wish that we didn’t have Confederate-revering dinosaurs like Hanger in the Virginia State Senate in the year 2018…

  • noodles

    How two sided is that. Honoring a traitor, racist, war monger and yet says it is not nice. Why not pick another war hero from another war…because to all the racist that vote it send the message we are with you but can not voice our bigotry and racism.

    • woodrowfan

      it was Jackson’s Birthday. Good for Fairfax leaving….

  • Harry

    I’m reading “The Personal Memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant” it’s clear Hanger never picked up the book. It was the War of Rebellion, the war of southern traitors. Another shot of the Republican biogots and racists putitng a stick in a black man’s eye. We need to flip both houses in 2019. In the 2020 session, zero Republicans on any committee, let them sit in the audience and observe, don’t recognize them on the floor, gerrymander the house so that there are no more than 12 Republicans and the Senate limit them to 8 seats. It can be done.

    • Sally Camp

      Love it all except for the gerrymandering part. That is how we got here. We need a non-partisan committee to draw our districts.

    • Dan

      Do you think secession is “treason”?

      • Harry


        • Dan

          Then I disagree.

          Secession is how the United States was born.

          You do realize that, right?

  • RobertColgan

    In the USA racism lingers like an unwelcome thieving visitor no one claims to know.
    The ONLY way it’s going to disappear is by confronting it openly, calling it for what it is, and to teach that it divides without reason.
    But the FEAR that underlay its occurrence?
    It keeps getting passed from generation to generation.. . . .when that fear goes, racism is gone.

    Good article here:

  • Eileen Davis

    So glad Lt Governor Justin Fairfax took a political leadership “knee” on this…. The arc of justice is long ,but it bend towards justice,…. Justin Fairfax will be Virginia’s next governor

    • I like that analogy to the “take a knee” movement – peaceful but clear/strong protest against injustice and racism in this country.

    • Dan


      There’s nothing liberals love more than disparaging U.S. veterans whether it be removing war memorials to fallen American soldiers or kneeling during tributes to them.

  • FallsChurcher

    It’s ridiculous that Hanger continues to looks for occasions to honor Stonewall Jackson in a public forum, and kudos to Justin Fairfax for indicating that this shall not stand. However, when I see our local Democrats in Fairfax County posting things like “All Confederates are trash,” my support begins to wane. Will the FCDC start desecrating local graves soon as well?

  • Dan

    We should do the same thing when they want us to honor Martin Luther King.

    • Yeah, because there’s a TOTAL comparison between someone who fought for equal rights for African Americans (MLK) and someone who fought to keep African Americans enslaved (“Stonewall” Jackson). Not.

  • Harry

    In any other country the leadership of the rebellion would have been hung.

    • Dan

      Yes and in any other country, that would have spawned a 300-year secessionist guerilla war that would have taken countless civilian lives and turned us into a third-world cesspool of misery, economic underdevelopment and martial law.