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Call Ralph Northam and Urge Him to Stop Destruction of African-American Community of Union Hill in Buckingham County!


Dominion Energy is about to start the process of destroying the African American community of Union Hill in Buckingham County. Call Ralph Northam today at 804-786-2211 and urge him to stop Dominion from building its compressor station for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline in the heart of an 85% African American community. Thanks.

  • RobertColgan

    Not fair.
    Serious health issues around compressor stations especially for those sensitive to/symptomatically reactive to hydrocarbons. . .
    The greatest concern I have is not that this will be built (which is bad enough given the need to move as quickly as possible toward non-polluting energy —- but its proximity to humans.
    Granted, the huge methane quantities locked in tundra and under sea ice are going to escape and balloon the greenhouse effect no matter what man does at this point——-but contributing to the carbon issue (acidity, food chain disruption) by advancing fossil fuel use is a true sign of ignorance.
    Pruitt & Co will go down in history as madmen.

  • Lakshmi Fjord, PhD

    It’s worse than reported: Because Dominion wants the environmental racism of siting the only Virginia ACP compressor station in an 85% African American, 33% Freedmen descendant community, with 99 households close on all sides — they have completely erased Union Hill’s existence from their required population and cultural reports. They claim 29.8 people per square mile, which is the average population for the whole of Buckingham County. To correct that omission of the people, history, and culture of Union Hill, we conducted a door-to-door household project in Union Hill. With only 63 of the 99 households reached, we found 158 people or a population 500% higher than Dominion applied for this planned huge, toxic emitting industrial facility. Dominion wants to build it on top of and underground a huge wetlands, to intersect with the existing 4-pipeline Transco. There is much much more, but I’ll leave you with this horrible and despicable irony. Because Union Hill’s residents in this A1 agricultural zone have been such good stewards of their air, water, and land, Dominion has applied to emit their noxious brew of methane, Co2, benzene, tolurene, formaldehyde, radon, to name a few VOCs, and fine particular matter 24/7 365 at much higher rates than the WVa and NC proposed compressor stations. How about punishing them for their “higher than normal air quality” while destroying their existing agricultural economy, land values, health, and safety.

  • Susan Lee Baker-Deeds

    It has nothing to do with raice.
    Your just useing raice because you dont want it there.
    But i guess if it was your area what would be your excuse.
    What area would be ok with you.
    More then likely, No area.

  • Susan Lee Baker-Deeds

    In a up scale area i have seen one, another one corner of a farmers land.
    I know white people that live under the the large metal power lines.
    But you have to make it a raice thing.
    This really gets old.