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Video: A Day in VA GOP “Governance” – GOP Senator Rips GOP-Controlled House; No Budget Due to Hard-Right Opposition to Medicaid Expansion


Gotta love Virginia GOP “governance,” aka “FAILED governance.” To date in this session of the Virginia General Assembly, what have we gotten from the Virginia GOP?

  1. Still no budget, and god knows when we’ll get one (see video, below, with an update by Republican Sen. Emmett Hanger).
  2. Still no Medicaid expansion, and god knows if/when we’ll get it.
  3. Pretty much every single gun violence prevention bill killed by Republicans.
  4. Pretty much every single bill making it easier for Virginians to vote killed by Republicans.
  5. Pretty much every single bill boosting clean energy in Virginia killed by Republicans.
  6. Pretty much every single bill that would make our environment healthier killed by Republicans.
  7. Still no desperately needed dedicated funding for Metro, and god knows if/when we’ll get it.
  8. The Dominion bill monstrosity…PASSED, with largely Republican support.
  9. In sum, pretty much every bill that might make things better for Virginians killed by Republicans and lots of bad bills passed.
  10. Oh, and see below for a tirade by Sen. Bryce Reeves (R) against his Republican brethren in the House of Delegates. Gotta love that! LOL

P.S. So far, it doesn’t seem to have mattered much, in terms of getting good stuff done, that we have a different Democratic governor, with a different style than Terry McAuliffe (and tons more experience in the General Assembly, plus supposed “bipartisan” chops extraordinaire), in the Governor’s Mansion. Funny how that works, huh? A better solution: take back Democratic control of the General Assembly in November 2019!

  • Cindy

    A bit hypocritical, coming from the Senator who didn’t let Delegate Levine even utter a word about his bill that had been re-referred to committee after already passing both chambers, but rather took the opportunity to scold him for ten minutes about a newsletter Levine had sent to his own constituents, before PBIing the bill.

  • Aww

    No money for Metro yet either.

    • Yep, that’s item #7 in my post.

      • LanceHarmstrong

        LOL YOU GUYS TOOK DOWN THE MALLARD STORY! What’s it like to be a “news” site that doesn’t report facts? The internet will of course be expecting you to publish a retraction/correction on that; after all, we proved you were wrong and the feds are actually investigating that idiot. By the way, do you take estrogen?