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Extreme Tom Garrett in Extreme Trouble: Cook Political Report Moves VA-05 Closer to Toss-Up 


From DPVA:

EXTREME TOM GARRETT IS IN EXTREME TROUBLE: Cook Political Report moves VA-05 Closer to Toss-Up 

Democratic enthuasiam in VA-05 through the roof as far-far-right Tom Garrett loses ground

RICHMOND, VA — The Cook Political Report has changed the status of the race for Virginia’s 5th Congressional seat from “Likely Republican” to “Lean Republican,” putting the seat held by Tea Party Republican Tom Garrett into national focus. The change in status comes as Democrats have seen historic energy in their nomination process to challenge Garrett and the congressman continues to takes votes that are far out of touch with 5th District voters.

Garrett regularly ignores his constituents and skips scheduled meetings and events, yet found time to sit down with 2017 Charlottesville Hate Rally organizer Jason Kessler. A member of the ultra-conservative House Freedom Caucus, Garrett has voted for Donald Trump’s destructive agenda 85% of the time, including voting to rip healthcare away from 23 million Americans. When he’s not voting with Trump, Garrett is going far to the right of the President. Garrett recently voted against spending bills that would fund federal services and the nation’s military.

Contrasting Garrett’s slide in the Cook Report ratings and incredibly radical stances, the race for the 5th District Democratic nomination has been historically energetic. The April 16th Albemarle County 5th CD Caucus saw a record 1,328 Democrats stand out in frigid temperatures for  hours to support candidates all unified against booting Garrett out. Similar unprecedneted turnouts have been seen at Democratic county caucses throughout the district.

The final district-wide convention to select the 5th Congressional District Democratic nominee will take place in Farmville on May 5th.All Democratic candidates have laid out agendas that represent the reasonable and responsible desires of the district’s residents, not the whims of Breitbart News and the Alt-Right. 


Tom Garrett, who has spent his time in Congress ignoring constituents, appeasing the dangerous Alt-Right, and serving as a loyal lieutenant to Donald Trump, will face the test of his life trying to defend his seat this year.

Between the historic Democratic enthusiasm and Garrett’s out of touch, far-right approach, Tom Garrett is in big trouble. 

  • Anthony Shifflett

    The problem is that Albemarle County isn’t the entire district. It’s good that the district is moving into competitive range, but this’d be a tsunami, not a wave. But I guess we’ll have to see what happens.

    I’m just glad that Comstock is looking really vulnerable.

    • BuckDem

      I dunno, I’ve been hearing there’s increasing turnout and participation in every County in the 5th. Garrett really isn’t all that popular among Republicans for his reluctance to fundraise and the fact he’s just a jack@ss that doesn’t listen to his constituents. If a few of those depressed republicans stay home the energy from our side could push the 5th over the top like we did in 2008.

      • Kenneth Ferland

        Albemarle turnout represents about 5% of the 2017 Northam vote in the county. In my county we had 3.7% and I suspect other rural counties ended up similar, urban locations have had more intense campaigning.