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“Historic Beauty of Giles County Being Trampled” “All to Make Way for a Natural Gas Pipeline”; “Where Are You Governor of Virginia?”


Good to see Del. Chris Hurst on top of this; thanks to him and to the grassroots anti-pipeline activists for all the great work they do. Of course, that raises a few questions: 1) As Free Nelson asks, “Where are you Governor of Virginia?”; 2) Why are so few elected officials speaking out against – and working to stop! – the environmental destruction associated with the Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley pipeline projects; 3) Where are most environmental groups (so far I’ve only heard from grassroots anti-pipeline activists, the Chesapeake Climate Action Network and the Virginia Sierra Club); and 4) Why do the people of Virginia put up with this crap?

  • Sharon Ponton

    Thanks, Lowell, for sharing this here on BV. It’s ridiculous that our elected officials are not standing with the people, but even more disturbing is Dems across the state haven’t come to the aid of these communities. I, and many others, have been posting about these pipelines for almost 4 years here. Climate change isnt just going to affect those of us in rural Virginia.

  • John Martin

    more pictures would, I think, be helpful to get the visual message across.

    • Agreed. If you’ve got some (or if anyone else does), please share.