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Video, Photos: Three Fake “Barbara Comstocks” – but No Real One – Attend “Town Hall for Our Lives” in Sterling, Virginia


I see that three “Barbara Comstocks” – fake ones, but that’s about the best we’re gonna get with Rep. Barbara Comstock – attending yesterday’s “Town Hall for Our Lives” in Sterling. Also attending were a ton of VA-10 voters, as well as a bunch of candidates (all Democrats, of course). See below for photos and video of the event. And if anyone spots Rep. Barbara Comstock somewhere, let us know! LOL

  • Video: “Barbara Comstock”s “fuel up” with coffee prior to #TownHallforOurLives


  • From Dan Helmer’s VA-10 campaign:

    Dan Helmer speaks at Town Hall for Our Lives while Rep. Comstock fails to appear

    Notes Comstock’s defense of the NRA, and Wexton’s support of reciprocal concealed carry

    Sterling, VA – Today, Dan Helmer, a combat veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan and a Rhodes Scholar who is seeking the Democratic nomination for Congress in Virginia’s 10th Congressional District, showed why he is the best candidate to beat Barbara Comstock this November.

    At the Town Hall for Our Lives in Potomac Falls, Dan demonstrated how his record of service and experience as a proven leader will allow him to bring a fresh perspective to the problems that plague Americans. “I remember how I felt on 9/11. Three thousand Americans died, and I felt dedicated to putting my life on the line, to defend us so that it would never happen again. Yet every year since, ten times as many Americans have died from gun violence, and the cowards in Washington have done nothing.”

    He shared why he is especially passionate about gun violence prevention, notably that he has seen the carnage that assault weapons can cause while in combat. Additionally, he spoke of the effects that mass shootings have had on his wife Karen, a public school teacher, who has to practice active shooter protocol three times a year with her third grade students, and on his children.

    Dan also demonstrated today that leadership means standing up and speaking out when you see something wrong. “I’m tired of politicians like Barbara Comstock who defend the NRA instead of defending our children. But it’s not just her, and it’s not just Republicans either, although they’re the worst offenders. It’s also some Democrats, who in the wake of Sandy Hook wouldn’t vote to ban assault weapons. Or even right here today, I’m sharing the stage with a State Senator who voted to extend reciprocal concealed carry so that even if you were convicted of domestic violence in another state, you can get a concealed carry permit here in Virginia.”

    The vote in question was State Senator Wexton’s vote in favor of HB 1163, an NRA-backed bill that requires recognition of out-of-state concealed handgun permits. This is one of more than a dozen bills State Senator Wexton has voted for that expand concealed carry access.

    After the town hall, one of the attendees, Chloe Y., commented, “As a public school teacher and a resident of Virginia’s 10th district, I was impressed by Dan Helmer’s heartfelt and intellectual responses to the serious subject matter of gun control. His ideas were thoughtful, smart, and reasonable. I believe Dan will prioritize the issue of gun safety for our district and our country. He will listen to the concerns of his constituents, which will be a welcomed change for the citizens of Virginia’s 10th district.”

    When a student asked a question during the town hall about how we change the fact that students don’t feel safe in their schools, Dan responded: “We change it by electing people who won’t just fight for responsible gun laws in the bright spotlight of tragedy, but who will do it in the cold corridors of power, where it actually matters.”

    • True Blue

      Six candidates met requirements to be on the ballot in District 10; most of them were respectful to each other and the interested constituency during the town hall. It turned me (and others) off to hear one of the candidates go after a sitting senator twice, especially with a Gun Sense Candidate distinction from Moms Demand Action as well as many other endorsements. I’m more likely to look at this year’s session votes, realizing that the only way gun safety measures will be enacted at state or national level is by voting in more Democratic leaders.

      It’s not as bad as some vocal Loudoun GOP’ers crazy comments on the senator’s Facebook page, but most know that legislating takes negotiation and is not merely pontification. In such an important race, it’s no surprise that candidates are trying to be heard.

      Town halls and forums are great practice for debates against Comstock or Hill, but nobody should take the energy of this year’s Democratic wins or March for Our Lives momentum for granted. As stated elsewhere, the Loudoun GOP had a good turnout for their straw polling and they will no doubt “fall in line” after their ugly primary campaign is over.

  • Carol Steele

    I’d like to rid Sterling of MS13. The ones who hang out around the laser tag place! Sadly no Democrats are with that plan.