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Monday News: Trump Vows to Save Jobs…in China; U.S. Moves Embassy to Jerusalem; Bolton Threatens Allies; Virginia Government Shutdown Coming as Senate GOP Digs in Heels?


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Monday, May 14.

  • From the Virginia House Democratic Caucus:

    House Democrats call on Senate Republicans to Agree to Bipartisan Budget

    Richmond – House Democratic Leader David J. Toscano (D-Charlottesville) and Charniele Herring (D-Alexandria) issue the following statement regarding the bipartisan budget which has passed the Virginia House of Delegates and is under consideration by the Senate of Virginia today:

    “The House has passed a fiscally responsible and bipartisan budget that brings million of Virginia’s taxpayers dollars sitting in Washington back to the Commonwealth so we can fund initiatives that our constituents desire and deserve – more money for teachers and schools, bigger investments in mental health, and the expansion of health insurance for 400,000 of our friends and neighbors who do not presently have it. The delays of Senate Republicans to act on this budget have put the financial footing and Triple A bonding of the Commonwealth in peril. Localities and agencies that rely on a stable budget from the General Assembly have been deprived for months of that stability. We call upon the Senate to take immediate action and either pass the bipartisan budget or allow a new committee of conference to resolve the impasse.”

    A bipartisan coalition of House Democrats and House Republicans have passed a budget that expands Medicaid and increases funding for teachers, state police and other essential services. Senate Republicans have prevented the passage of this budget. If a budget is not in place by July 1, Senate Republicans will be responsible for a government shutdown.

  • Our Revolution NOVA endorses Julia Biggins for Congress in VA-10

    Dr. Julia Biggins—
    In many areas, Biggins’ responses to our questionnaire were similar to those of the other candidates. However, she also specifically called attention to some ways in which her platform differs from those of her opponents. We found the sum of these differences made her our first choice.

    1. A scientist, Biggins was the only candidate to declare the most critical issue we face today is “The environment. No single issue has such a large impact on both our present and our future, in terms of our health, our food supply, the water we drink, air we breathe, our economics, and our basic survival.”

    2. Like the other candidates, Biggins favors a $15/hour minimum wage, but in addition she also calls for a “partial repeal of Taft-Hartley” to allow the National Labor Relations Act to “protect workers as it was intended.” [Taft-Hartley, passed in 1947 over Truman’s veto, was backed by large business lobbies, including the National Association of Manufacturers. Among other things, the bill placed limits on labor’s ability to strike, banned strong progressives/ radicals/ socialists/communists from union leadership, and allowed for state right-to-work laws.]

    3. Also, like other candidates, Biggins favors Medicare for All, but she notes that she, alone, emphasizes “a focus on prevention” and “a STEM program in every school to combat a looming doctor shortage that may reach 104,000 by 2030.”

    4. Regarding free college and vocational training, like other candidates, Biggins supports reduced or free tuition, but she adds, unlike others that she would require it be “in exchange for a civil service requirement.”

    5. Regarding pre-college public education, she articulates a unique position by calling for “our schools to be more fully and equally funded from the federal and state levels so that a child’s zip code does not define their quality of education.” In addition, she calls for a better balance between funding for defense and education, saying “In 2017, we federally funded education to the tune of just over $100b. In the same year we spent nearly 9 times as much on defense. This imbalance is ludicrous.”

    ORNOVA did not necessarily agree with or endorse all of the unique planks in Biggins platform, but the majority did find her positions to add up to a thoughtful progressivism that placed her candidacy above that of the other candidates.

    • Julia Biggins statement on Our Revolution NOVA endorsement:

      I am honored to announce that Our Revolution has endorsed my candidacy and recognized that I am the true progressive, forward thinking candidate in this race. Today we are battling not only to take back Congress, but also to take back our party from a professional political class of lawyers, lobbyists, and political operatives. Across the country, candidacies like mine are running strong, redefining conventional politics, and making strong stands for real progressive values. As the only candidate in this race to support single payer universal healthcare, a STEM program in every school, and an innovative scientific rebuilding of our infrastructure that focuses on high speed rail, high speed internet, and green energy, I am so proud to stand with the many progressive candidates running across the country to take back our party and put the needs of the people first. And I am so thankful to Our Revolution for recognizing my candidacy as essential to making VA-10 the home of the first woman scientist to ever sit in the halls of Congress.