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Monday News: Trump’s Attacks on DoJ “In Many Ways Unprecedented”; “Trump’s Latest Tweet Just Crossed Another Bright Line”; “‘Women are leading the resistance’ into 2020”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Monday, May 21.

  • Several residents testify against Amazon coming to Arlington. Complaints include Amazon’s environmental and labor record (“brutal working conditions”), “culture of toxic masculinity,” as well as Amazon’s intimidation of Seattle “in direct retaliation for Seattle attempting to raise taxes on large businesses.”


    • Matthew Hurtt

      While I disagree with their particular grievances, it’s encouraging to see a cross-partisan coalition of people who are concerned about Amazon dropping HQ2 into Arlington.

      My grievances are that (1) the County Board refuses to release any framework of the corporate handout they’re preparing to give to Amazon (even after Board Chairman Katie Cristol promised to do so), and (2) they’re preparing to give a corporate handout to Amazon, which I oppose.

      – fmr. Arlington Young Republican Chairman

      • I have serious issues with taxpayer-funded corporate welfare, especially when that welfare goes to huge, profitable, private corporations and even more so when those corporations are bad citizens when it comes to labor rights, environmental protection, etc.

    • seattleorpittsburgh

      Was there any mention of the loss of affordable market-rate rentals if Amazon comes to Arlington? At the last meeting of the Crystal City Civic Association, this issue was brought up, with one person saying she’s concerned she would have to leave the area if CC were to be chosen.

      • I didn’t hear anything on that specifically…

  • Interesting…

    Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney Endorses Abigail Spanberger for Congress

    RICHMOND, VA —The Hon. Levar Stoney, Mayor of the City of Richmond, announced today that he is endorsing Abigail Spanberger’s campaign for the U.S. House of Representatives in Virginia’s 7th District. Mayor Stoney is the first elected executive to endorse in the VA-7 Democratic primary race, and adds to a growing list of state and local elected officials backing Mrs. Spanberger’s candidacy.

    “The constituencies of the City of Richmond and the 7th Congressional District intersect on many levels, so we need a representative who’s committed to progressive values and bringing prosperity and opportunity to all of our citizens,” Mayor Stoney said. “Fortunately, we have an outstanding candidate in Abigail Spanberger. Working with Congressman McEachin here in the 4th District, Abigail will be a strong and principled advocate in Washington for Central Virginians, and I’m excited to offer her my endorsement.”

    “I truly appreciate Mayor Stoney’s endorsement,” said Mrs. Spanberger. “Many 7th District residents commute to the city every day and vice-versa, making our respective economies and communities highly intertwined. It’s an honor to know that the Mayor recognizes how well I would serve our shared constituency, and I’m committed to living up to that trust in Congress.”

    The Mayor’s endorsement underscores how expansive and diverse the 7th District truly is, and how interdependent communities across Central Virginia are. Since last July, Abigail has conducted 98 meet-and-greets throughout every county of the district, and she plans to eclipse 100 by the primary. “I’m absolutely delighted by Mayor Stoney’s endorsement, and I’d attribute it to Abigail’s tireless outreach efforts,” claimed Spanberger’s campaign manager Dana Bye. “She has done an incredible job of getting her message out, and has moved throughout the district, meeting thousands of people and having meaningful conversations everywhere she goes. I’ve never seen anything like it. She’s really earned this level of recognition.”

  • Adam M

    Not that North Korea can or should be trusted in any way or expected to follow through on any of the conciliatory actions they’ve been taking lately; but, when your two enemies simulate an invasion of your country in the middle of the peaceful discussions it Kind of makes it look like we really don’t want this process to move forward in any kind of constructive manner. A show of force in the middle of fragile discussion is meant to throw a wrench in the process.

  • I guess it’s not surprising, but far-right, crazy Dave Brat totally buys into the Trump conspiracy theory about “spies” in Trump’s campaign. Ugh.


  • RobertColgan