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Tuesday News: “The constitutional crisis is here”; “The Banana States of America”; “American Workers Just Got Screwed” by SCOTUS; Will We Finally Get Medicaid Expansion in Virginia?


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Tuesday, May 22.

  • Video: Highlights from Caps-Lightning game #6


  • Video: First major league homer for 19-year-old rookie Juan Soto


  • From Appalachians Against Pipelines:

    As the sun sets on Day 1 of the new blockade, we wanted to share some words from the sitter and some photos from the day.

    “I’ve been a little delirious with exhaustion, and happy that I’m here in the road in solidarity with Nutty and Deckard.

    The Forest Service was really angry when they saw that I was here. I saw a beautiful morning come, and then there was a lot of scuttling as the USFS tried to transfer personnel around on ATVs. I tried to doze off, but each time I’d feel something on my lines from new people handling them and trying to figure out how to take them down.

    Real live folks have come to visit and I’m grateful for them! Now, the USFS is setting up camp right under me between the low traverses.”

    — Fern

  • Video: VA-07 Dem Dan Ward vows, “As a candidate for Congress I make this pledge to you: I will never forget, and I will work tirelessly, to ban assault weapons.”


  • RobertColgan

    Once upon a time in America………standing armies were seen as an unnecessary evil. People, including wise leaders, saw the existence of a military as a theft from taxpayers who had to fund it, a threat to be used either against the people by unscrupulous leadership or a threat to leadership if political whims shifted.

    This was long before equipping a military involved hardware on gigantic scale….back when muskets and powder and bedding kit and boots were the only concern.

    A large standing military——one expanded into multiple branches covering land, sea, air—–fights for its existence as does any group indoctrinated with a mission mindset.
    People like Bolton are only the public service promoters for a military that periodically has to flex and stretch, same as any large caged animal.
    US citizens, I am convinced, are the most brainwashed, media controlled, of any large industrialized nation on Earth: telling them that Iran is a threat to US safety (which is to any sane individual about as logical as claiming zoo animals are a greater threat to children than abusive parents) has them nodding fearfully and respectfully in agreement.

    The real enemy isn’t the forces in the outside world. It’s our own, homegrown.