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Barack Obama Begins To Earn His Nobel Peace Prize


When I heard that Barack Obama had won the Nobel Peace Prize, my reaction that it was extremely premature. Yes, I thought, Obama might ultimately merit the Nobel Peace Prize, but not after a few weeks as president.  Well, it now looks like Obama is starting to earn that Nobel Peace Prize.

President Obama and Russia President Dmitry Medvedev sealed a new nuclear arms reduction treaty during a phone call this morning, committing the two nations to a significant new reduction of the strategic missiles each side has deployed, U.S. officials announced Friday.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, flanked by Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Joint Chiefs Chairman Michael Mullen, announced the agreement to reporters at the White House, calling it an historic step toward a world without nuclear weapons.

Great work by President Obama on the crucial issue of reducing the threat of nuclear weapons and strengthening the nuclear non-proliferation regime. I strongly urge the Senate to ratify this treaty.


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