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Barack Obama: “Two Major Reforms on Health Care & Higher Ed”


“This was a momentous week for America. It was a week in which, together, we took bold new steps towards restoring economic security for our middle class, to rebuilding a stronger foundation for our future.  It was a week in which some of the change that generations have hoped for and worked for finally became reality in America.”

  • TomPaine

    found it to be unconstitional. Amazing, the insight that a third-year law student can bring to a vexing constitional question; clearly Brian should be hired ny Cooch to consult on his suit to have HCR declared unconstitutional.

    However, even stong conservative legal authorties think that Cooch is full of s–t:

    Orrin Kerr of the far-right Volokh writes:

    ” . . .  I just don’t see lower courts finding these issues difficult, and I don’t see the Supreme Court likely to take the case. I recognize there’s always the theoretical possibility of the Supreme Court doing something totally unexpected – a Bush v. Gore moment, if you will – but I think the realistic possibility of that happening is less than 1%.

    “UPDATE: For more on my sense of where the Supreme Court is on federalism issues, see my 2005 post in response to the then-new Raich case, “The Rehnquist Court and Symbolic Federalism”. It’s a bit out of date, but still basically accurate.”