Eric Cantor Should Resign


    When I first heard about the alleged shooting at Rep. Eric Cantor’s Richmond office yesterday, I was disturbed that this country was possibly descending into mass political chaos. But just 24 hours later, after the facts of the matter start trickling out, I’m getting more appalled by the minute.

    Congressman Cantor announced the shooting at a press conference on Thursday, and then accused Rep. Chris Van Hollen and former Governor Kaine of “fanning the flames” by using the media to exploit attacks against other members of Congress. Ironic that Cantor did this in front of a gaggle of media types and television cameras.

    Next, we found out that the shooting did NOT happen overnight Wednesday night, but in fact happened earlier in the week. Rep. Cantor’s campaign office shares space in an office building with others; one would think that if the incident was major, it would have been noticed and reported the morning after it happened.

    Later yesterday, the Richmond Police determine that the bullet was indeed a stray bullet that barely pierced the glass (and at a downward angle) and lodged in the window blinds. Not exactly what one would consider consistent with an attempt at intimidation.…

    Going further, we then come to discover that the office in Richmond is NOT in the congressional district that Cantor represents (the 7th), but actually in the 3rd district, represented by Democratic Rep. Bobby Scott. Way to support the business in your district, Rep. Cantor.…

    And then this morning, it is reported that not only did the incident happen days before, not only was the bullet intentional, not only is the office not in Cantor’s district, but now, the office is an adjacent office to Rep. Cantor’s campaign office, i.e., not even HIS office!

    Rep. Cantor accused Democrats of using the same intimidation tactics that right-wingers used for the past week. A little more than 24 hours later, there is no doubt that Eric Cantor used a random bullet in an office near his as an attempt to once again demonize Democrats. A simply Rovian trick, if I say so myself.

    Rep. Cantor has descended to a level beneath what is expected of not only a congressman, but beneath a congressman who is in a leadership position in his party. It’s time for Rep. Eric Cantor to face up to his bald-faced lies and resign for the good of our Commonwealth.


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