Mark Warner on $5 Aspirin and the Health Care “Status Quo”


    I certainly agree with Mark Warner that “there’s no free market in health care.” I also agree with him that, when it comes to our health care system, “the system is so broken…the status quo is gonna kill us.” Which, I’m pretty sure, is why Warner voted “yes” on health care reform.

    • “the system is so broken…the status quo is gonna kill us.”

      One of the points missing from this debate is that the choice was either the Dem bill of last night, or doing nothing.  Because it was clear that the Republican’s strategy was to “break” Obama on this, and make healthcare his “Waterloo” just as they had done back in 1994.

      But one of the lessons that someone like me learned in 1994 is that sometimes, you can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you get what you need.  Back in 1994, I genuinely believed that we could do things better.  But “slowing down” and “starting over” and “taking our time” and “being bi-partisan” (sound familiar???) we would end up with a real health care bill.

      And what happened?  We got NOTHING.

      This time around, doing nothing was even more expensive and risky than doing something.  So this time, I did something.  I supported this bill.

    • antonio_m_elias

      I’m pretty sure I know the guy who put this video together.  I find the shaky-camera-on-constituents, steady-on-Warner comically effective.

      Whoever made this has been watching too much West Wing (later seasons), or 24 or something.

    • martinlomasney

      that nothing he says has any credibility.  

      He is one of the key persons responsible for the death of the public option and the Medicare buy-in.

      Mark, when passage of the repeal of the anti-trust exemption for health insurers includes your vote, let me know. Until then, save the stamps, don’t mail a Xmas card or fundraising letter. I’m not interested.

      Oh, and be careful how aggressively you protect your thieving friends on Wall St. during financial sector reform deliberations or you’ll buy yourself a primary.  

    • JobyTodd

      Mark Warner (Corporate Hack) is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. His talking about price containments and degrading “$5 aspirins” while speaking out against the Public Option is hypocrisy. I look forward to supporting a primary challenger in 2014 or, failing that, casting my ballot for the Green Party candidate.  

      • JobyTodd

        The Republican Party does not represent my values of “justice for all” or what it means to be part of a Commonwealth (see Acts 4:32 in your Bible). My values are more in line with progressive Democrats such as Howard Dean and Bobby Scott. If Mark Warner is so desperate that he needs my vote in order to sustain his incumbency then he is in more trouble than anyone can imagine. Meanwhile, my vote is mine to give. It has to be earned. Thus far, Senator Warner’s pro-corporate, pro-DC Voucher record has yet to earn my support for his re-nomination much less his re-election.