Tweets from the JJ Dinner


    I didn’t go to the JJ Dinner this year (I went in 2005-2008, attempted to go in 2009 but had major transportation problems) but here are some tweets by people who were there.

    Rich Anthony:

    *”Sen. Amy Klobuchar rocks. The people of MN should be very proud.”

    Vivian Paige:

    *”Sen Amy Klobuchar has taken the stage. V. Funny, humble, cracking Palin jokes.”

    *”Grabbed @GlennNye & asked about the AP story. He shook his head &wouldn’t confirm. Others say he told them he’s still undecided.”

    “@tomperriello is a rock star!”

    “Had a great conversation with @tomperriello just before he went on stage to speak. Awesome, just awesome. I’m writing a check tonight.”

    Shawn O’Donnell:

    *”Who said Democrats are having a down year … over 1,300 folks are filing into dinner in the Richmond Convention Center”

    *”DPVA Chairman Cranwell does a quick intro … Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones says hello and speaks about core values”

    *”Gerry Connolly from the 11th District gets a standing ovation for passing health care remark…”

    *”Tom [P]erriello from the 5th District is getting a standing O … tomorrow I’ll be casting my vote for reforming health care”

    *”Webb speaking now about economic fairness and social justice … now changes in the criminal justice system reform”

    *”Warner … financial reform will happen this year …. two quick bills … energy sector “home star” … 500k jobs over a 2 month period”

    *”Warner … w/o those stimulus check VA would look like CA”

    Gordon Simonett

    *”Sen mark warner tells #dpva that sen. republicans are abusing fillibuster and holding up 64 appointees. Time for up or down vote 14 mos in”

    Frank Anderson

    *”Warner: Responsible Republicans ‘a lot harder to find in Washington.'”

    *”Klobuchar … when the GOP leaders are wrong we must “call them out”…”

    David Englin

    *”thinks America needs more Tom Perriellos – leaders with spine.”

    Jon Bowerbank

    *”1300+ here at JJ enjoying speeches from our Congressional delegation and they’re excited about tomorrow’s health care vote. Thx BS; TP; GC!”

    *” Sens Webb and Warner did their usual superb job (thx for recognition MW) and keynote speaker Sen. Amy Klobuchar (Minn) is doing good work!”

    Marc Broklawski

    *”The energy in the room for Periello was nothing short of amazing. A video of the crowd at the end of his speech”

    *”Sen. Warner says tomorrow we pass the health bill in the House and later in the week in the Senate.”

    Scott Surovell

    *”Lots of talk tonight from Virginia’s federal delegation on the podium tonight about making history passing healthcare tomorrow.”

    Mark Keam

    “Jim Moran & Rick Boucher not at JJ tonight. Many General Assembly members here, as well as most ’09 statewide candidates. All good folks”

    *”Webb reminds me again why I love this guy. Warner and Perriello close seconds. Connolly, Scott, Nye… We have good public servants in VA.”

    Aimee Fausser

    *”Why is glenn nye here??”

    *”I just gave gerry connolly a standing ovation. There’s a first time for everything.”

    Sean Holihan:

    *”Tom Perriello just gave the keynote. Can’t beat that. He owns this party.”

    *”Wow – bit of a difference between Connolly and Nye here. Connolly voting for health care.”

    Kyle Blankenship

    *”Connolly steps all over Nye at JJ. Conolly’s first line ‘tomorrow I’m going to join Obama and pass health care'”

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