40 Days Until Sestak-Specter and Halter-Lincoln


    {First, a cheap plug for my blog Senate Guru.}

    40 days from today – on May 18 – we will see two HUGE primaries for U.S. Senate.  Even though these races aren’t in Virginia, they impact Democrats across the country and, well, the entire country as a whole.

    In Pennsylvania, Democratic Congressman Joe Sestak will try to upset Republican-for-decades Arlen Specter.

    In Arkansas, Democratic Lieutenant Governor Bill Halter will try to upset corporate lackey Blanche Lincoln.

    These two races are tremendously important to defining who and what the Democratic Party is and what we will be fighting for.

    If you can volunteer for these candidates (or encourage friends and family in Pennsylvania and Arkansas to do so), that would be amazing.

    Of course, if you can help with a contribution to either or both via the Expand the Map! ActBlue page as soon as possible, it will make a big impact.

    Expand the Map! ActBlue page
    Joe Sestak

    Facebook, Twitter

    Volunteer Page
    Bill Halter

    Facebook, Twitter

    Volunteer Page
    Expand the Map! ActBlue page

    Polling shows that both Specter and Lincoln are at risk of – if not likely to – hand these Senate seats over to far-right-wing Republicans. (And, even if these two retain the seats, that’s not much better on many key issues.)

    Congressman Sestak and Lieutenant Governor Halter winning these primaries are critical to keeping these seats in truly Democratic hands. Your support can help make that happen!  Please hop over to the Expand the Map! ActBlue page right away to make a contribution – an investment in the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party to pull out an old expression – and show your support.

    Thanks SO much for any support you can provide. 40 Days.


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