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McDonnell Ignores #1 “Earth” Issue in “Earth Day” Statement


Can we get any more vapid, empty, and lacking in substance than Bob McDonnell’s “Earth Day” statement? Here are excerpts from it, with my (snarky) [annotations]

Here in Virginia, we are blessed with countless beautiful open spaces, scenic rivers, the Chesapeake Bay and rolling mountains…[blah blah blah meaningless pabulum, whatever]…I took a hike with local schoolchildren and planted trees while talking to them about the importance of a clean environment…[did they ask you about your AG’s assault on the environment? how did you respond?]…The recent good news that the Blue Crab population in the Chesapeake Bay has increased by 60% since last year [right, that improvement was under Tim Kaine, now you’re governor and we’re looking to see what you’re going to keep that progress going exactly], and is now at its highest level since 1997, demonstrates that good public policy [for instance, do you support doing something about sprawl? pollution from coal-fired power plants? impermeable pavement? encouraging “green roofs?” climate change?] will lead to a cleaner and healthier environment…[of course, all those efforts will be for naught if we don’t do something about climate change, ASAP]…I encourage all Virginians to conserve, preserve and give back to clean up our environment…[except that, when it comes to public policy, you’re not doing even 0.1% of what you need to be doing on that front].

Amazing; Bob McDonnell issues an “Earth Day” statement and doesn’t even mention the #1 “Earth” issue – climate change. He also doesn’t mention the fact that his fellow Republican, Ken Cuccinelli, is one of the most rabid anti-environment Attorney Generals this country has ever seen, and that McDonnell says they’re totally in sync with each other.

Also not mentioned by McDonnell: this last General Assembly session, members of his party – presumably with McDonnell’s acquiescence if not encouragement – killed basically every piece of strong legislation on energy efficiency, renewable power, and seriously protecting our environment. On the other hand, McDonnell “took a hike with local schoolchildren and planted trees,” so all is well in the world I suppose. Ugh.

UPDATE: Now this is more like it; thank you, President Obama!

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