Perriello Outraises Entire 5th CD Republican Field 3:1


    In the 5th CD fundraising race, this tweet by John Cosgriff pretty much sums it all up.

    Perriello outraised the entire GOP field 3:1

    To summarize, Perriello actually raised – as opposed to loaned or gave himself – $586,938 in 1Q10, compared to: $101,110 for Robert Hurt; $31,124 for Laurence Verga; $29,556 for Michael McPadden; $19,305 for Ken Boyd; and $13,750 for James McKelvey.  That’s $586,988 for Perriello to $194,845 for all the Republicans reporting (note that Ron Ferrin and Feda Morton have not reported electronically yet) — a 3:1 Perriello advantage.

    So much, by the way, for the theory that Perriello’s courageous votes for clean energy and health care have hurt him as a candidate; in fact, they seem to be helping him in terms of fundraising, while his Republican (and possible third party) opponents struggle. Maybe there is some justice in the world after all…