Paul Weiner’s Pitch Perfect Media Strategy


    Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster.

    Sun Tzu

    Face it.  Fox is the greatest political propaganda machine of the modern age, and likely in the history of mankind.   It is a perfect money and opinion making system bred on the cynical brilliance of Roger Ailes and Lee Atwater.  

    Here we are

    Married to a news franchise and brilliant media production branch, it has raised up a generation, millions strong, bred on misinformation, and dog-whistle trained to astroturf political obstruction.

    I call it conservative media, but it isn’t the message but the audience that gives it power.

    Fox has been the basic cable leader for news and opinion for the past 100 weeks.  That’s 2 years at the top of the ratings.  That means that on any given night, the VRWC can generate any lie it wants, and get it heard by a million people.  Which creates the controversy cycle.  A million people are now talking about it, which makes it news, and therefore must be covered by all cable news and opion media, the newspapers and … suddenly everyone is talking about the lie… or is it the truth?

    See how it works.

    While progressives were working endlessly to put Democrats everywhere in power, on pure faith, belief and hard work, conserative media has indoctrinated a generation to a religion of the trinity of hipocrisy: “small government, strong military, and family values”.

    How I wish progressives had any kind of media structure.  We don’t.  

    and pracing a kind of ideological inbreeding.

    Not one cent for fox, halliburton, bp, or wal-mart.

    Or a million others.  I want a machine which will help me plan my finances and set my investments and expenditures so that not once cent of my money goes

    Elected leaders must fill the void left by the death of the 4th estate.  

    The secret of nixonland is that it understands neither the world, nor, more importantly itself.

    Built on the basis of a critique of 20th Century liberalism, it is an anachronism consuming itself in its own internal contradictions, but the new progressive movement.

    Why it is great policy.

    The liberal worldview transformed America and transformed the world.  A worldview which balances the the seminal American virtues of  liberty and justice created the most powerful engine for democracy in the history of the world: The American Middle Class.

    The critique of liberalism began on the left.  Thus the modern conservative movement traces its lineage through the 60’s radicalism as much as the Southern Strategy.  It’s a

    Why this is great politics.



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