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Sen. McEachin Responds to Gov. McDonnell’s Acceptance and Tolerance of Illegal, Unethical Behavior


Earlier today, Bob McDonnell was on WTOP’s “Ask the Governor” program. The interview in general was pretty rough, but the last few minutes were a true meltdown by McDonnell. Just pathetic. Among other things, McDonnell managed to claim he had no idea about Fred Malek’s history as a “Jew counter” in the Nixon White House, or as being forced to pay a huge fine for ripping off Connecticut pension funds. Instead, he actually claimed that Malek is a “reform” and a “change agent” with a “distinguished track record of getting things done.” Yeah, like carrying out Richard Nixon’s demented orders and ripping off the pension funds of another state!  As WTOP’s Marc Plotkin said, “This in itself…is enough to disqualify [Malek].” But not, apparently, in Bob McDonnell’s ethical world view.

With that, here’s what Sen. Donald McEachin thinks of McDonnell’s comments this morning on “Ask the Governor.” McEachin, by the way, has been doing superb work in holding McDonnell’s and Cooch’s feet to the fire over the past few months. Thank you, Senator!

Richmond- Senator A. Donald McEachin (D-Henrico) today responded to Governor McDonnell’s remarks this morning on WTOP’s “Ask the Governor” show, where the Governor said he did not know the details of Fred Malek’s, chair of the Governor’s newly appointed commission on governmental reform, $100,000 SEC fine. The governor then further said that these things happen in business, that “people in business 20, 30, 40, 50 years often have regulatory violations,” without ever acknowledging that Mr. Malek and his firm actually paid a quarter of a million dollar fine.

Senator McEachin expressed his very serious concerns with the Governor’s seeming acceptance and indifference to unethical and illegal behavior that resulted in a substantial fine. Senator McEachin stated, “For Governor McDonnell to imply that this kind of behavior is acceptable and allowable, even normal, is exactly the very reason that Virginians and Americans are frustrated and fed up with government. This did not happen thirty or forty years ago, but happened in 2004, a few short years ago! To ever tolerate corruption and illegal activity is totally unacceptable. Virginians deserve better. We deserve to know that our governor will seek out the very best, most highly qualified and above ethical reproach individuals to serve in our government. This government belongs to Virginians and we need that the individuals participating in it be ethical and above board. For us to have any confidence in the workings of this commission and this administration, we need to know that the Governor will insist on the highest ethical standards and will not tolerate illegal behavior of any kind.

“For Governor McDonnell to first say he was unaware of these details, and ignorant of a six figure fine, is absolutely stunning and, frankly, beyond belief. When any Virginian applies for a job, he is expected to fill out an application that asks about past activities. Is Governor McDonnell not even asking his appointees for the same minimal information? Instead, it seems we have yet another example of insider cronyism where the governor simply appoints his highly placed friends, perhaps in exchange for future endorsements or monetary support.

This is simply unacceptable. I would ask the governor again to replace Fred Malek. In no way, shape or form should an individual who was fined for his illegal behavior with another state’s pension funds be involved, let alone in charge of, “reforming” Virginia state government. The governor needs to find someone to lead this commission who is above ethical reproach, who has not been fined by the SEC and who the governor has ensured is the best qualified person for the job.”

P.S. So much for this silliness.

UPDATE: Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. Yeah, right Tucker, that’s what this is all about!  Hahahaha.

“A small handful of liberal Democrats don’t want the governor to reduce state spending and make government smaller and more efficient. That’s what this transparent partisan attack is really about.

UPDATE #2: David Englin, the evil liberal (heh), responds:

Ha – My favorite thing about Tucker Martin’s attack is how transparently partisan it is!  That’s cute.


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