Home National Politics Tim Kaine Rips Rand Paul: “Extremism Run Wild”

Tim Kaine Rips Rand Paul: “Extremism Run Wild”


He [wrote] into the local paper to complain that a fair housing act that had passed 34 years before was unjust and a free society should tolerate hate-filled groups excluding people based on the color of their skin. This is very frightening stuff, it’s the kind of stuff that happens when you see this kind of extremism run wild. And I think the Republican Party needs to get on record…get their leaders out there saying, “we’re against this and we condemn this kind of thinking.” thinking

UPDATE: Charles Lane explains why Rand Paul’s “argument makes no sense.” It’s also beyond laughable, unless you’re an Ayn Rand afficionado, an extremist, or an imbecile. But I repeat myself… 🙂


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