Two Superb Articles by Peter Galuszka at Bacon’s Rebellion


    Over at Bacon’s Rebellion, veteran reporter (BusinessWeek, Virginia Business, Virginian-Pilot, Richmond Times-Dispatch) Peter Galuszka is rapidly becoming one of my favorite Virginia bloggers.  For instance, check out his two latest columns, The “Cooch” and Academic Freedom and “Streamlining” State Government.  Both of these are superb, and I strongly recommend that everyone read them.  

    The “Streamlining” article explains how Bob McDonnell “likes the idea of government streamlining because it fits his political philosophy of promoting limited government,” but also how there isn’t much room for efficiency gains in Virginia state government, as “previous Democratic Governors Mark Warner and Tim Kaine did a pretty good job running the state.”

    Galuszka’s other recent article, The “Cooch” and Academic Freedom, argues that Ken Cuccinelli’s assault on academic freedom in Virginia “conjures up some very ugly moments in American history.”  According to Galuszka, “[Cuccinelli’s] move is reminiscent of the church putting Galileo under house arrest for saying the planets move around the sun instead of the earth.” Given this situation, Galuszka asks, “Why would an honest researcher want to work with Virginia universities if his or her work is going to be challenged by the likes of Cuccinelli and he or she will have to pay all of those lawyers fees to fund the Grand Inquisitor’s witch hunts through their emails?”  Good question, and great article, by Peter Galuszka!


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