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Urgent help needed for special election on June 15


The contents of an email just received from Del. David Englin:

Dear Ken,

Three weeks from today — on June 15 — Democrats have an opportunity to pick up a seat in the House of Delegates that we’d have almost no chance of winning any other time. Our Democratic nominee, Kai Degner, is a grassroots community organizer who, at age 27 was elected Mayor of Harrisonburg, winning every precinct in the city and receiving more votes than John McCain and Sarah Palin. For the past two years, he’s been hard at work creating jobs, making government more transparent, increasing citizen involvement, and working toward a more sustainable Harrisonburg.

Now he’s running in the June 15 special election to fill the seat vacated by Matt Lohr, a Republican who has accepted a position in the McDonnell Administration. During a regular election, it would be very difficult for a Democrat to win this heavily Republican district. However, special elections are different, and the candidate with the best grassroots operation who can target and turnout voters can win. Mayor Kai Degner is that candidate. Better still, the Republican candidate has virtually gone into hiding, and there’s an Independent candidate running as an even more conservative alternative to the Republican. In other words, with your help and support, this could be the perfect storm for an upset victory by a terrific Democrat!

Mayor Kai Degner needs all the help he can get down the home stretch. Can you please contribute $25, $50, $100, or whatever you can afford right now so he has the resources to win an upset victory on June 15?



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