UVA Fights Back?


    Let’s hope so.

    The University of Virginia has hired the big law firm Hogan Lovells to help the school evaluate its options in responding to a civil subpoena from the state attorney general seeking documents related to the work of a former professor. It’s the strongest indication yet that the school is seriously considering fighting the subpoena in court, as various academic groups have urged.

    “The University and its Board of Visitors believe it is important to respond to this [civil information demand],” said John O. Wynne, the Rector of the university, in his first statement on the issue. “Research universities must defend the privilege of academic freedom in the creation of new knowledge. Hogan Lovells will help us to explore the appropriate options for a response.”

    In short, it’s crucial – for academic freedom at UVA, throughout Virginia and America – that UVA fight back against Ken Kookinelli’s ideologically-driven witch hunt against Galileo Galilei climate scientist Dr. Michael Mann.  Message to UVA: if you need any financial help to do so, just let us know and we in the Virginia progressive blogosphere will do what we can to raise the money.  Thank you, and to paraphrase Jim Webb’s favorite song, “don’t back down!”


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