Home Energy and Environment Virginian-Pilot: “Gulf oil spill drifts to Virginia”

Virginian-Pilot: “Gulf oil spill drifts to Virginia”


Superb editorial by the Virginian-Pilot, here’s an excerpt but definitely read it all!

Since the beginning of the debate about offshore drilling, it has been clear that the promises are as concrete as petroleum fumes across the Gulf of Mexico. Inland lawmakers are lining up to prevent coastal states from getting any royalty money from offshore drilling. They outnumber Virginia’s advocates.


But the most important assurance to residents of Virginia’s coast was the one about the environment. Oil drilling, we were assured repeatedly by its advocates, is really safe these days. It won’t damage the beaches, or the air, or our marshes. It certainly won’t affect the wildlife.

Tell that to the people who live along the coast in Mississippi and Louisiana.


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