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Delegates Englin and Hope: McDonnell’s Change of Position on Medicaid Puts Virginia Jobs at Risk


I just received this from Delegates David Englin (D-45) and Patrick Hope (D-47). I thought it was worth passing along, as I strongly concur with Englin’s and Hope’s position on this issue.  As usual, Bob McDonnell is being driven by his right-wing ideology instead of by the best interests of Virginia, let alone concern for the poorest and most vulnerable Virginians. That’s truly unfortunate.

Englin and Hope question McDonnell stance on Medicaid funds and urge Congress to act

State Delegates note that Governor’s change of position puts Virginia jobs at risk

Arlington – Governor Robert F. McDonnell told reporters Monday that he no longer plans to ask Congress to support an enhanced federal match for Medicaid benefits to the states unless the funds are offset, citing concerns about the deficit. Yet he signed a letter in February, along with 46 other governors, indicating that an extension of these funds, known as FMAP, “would greatly assist us in maintaining services and further stabilizing the economy.”

“The General Assembly didn’t write such conditions for these Medicaid funds in Virginia’s budget, and Governor McDonnell didn’t propose such conditions before he signed the budget in April,” said Delegate Patrick Hope (D-47). “When exactly did the federal deficit become a revelation to the Governor? Why is he changing his position and putting Virginia jobs and Virginia citizens at risk?”

“Congress is getting ready to vote on this issue. With Virginia preparing cut services to thousands of our most vulnerable citizens because Congress has yet to approve this money, it’s irresponsible for Governor McDonnell to send a message that this money is no longer necessary,” said Delegate David Englin (D-45). “We urge Governor McDonnell to stick with his February position and join us in calling on Congress to approve this money now to protect Virginia jobs and Virginia citizens.”

Meanwhile, Congress adjourned today without approving these funds, which means another week will go by without providing this critical funding to the states.

“Congress needs to understand the consequences of inaction,” said Hope. “Hundreds of thousands of Virginians are depending on the funding these services provide; thousands of jobs in the health care sector are at stake.”


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