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“Harry Reid’s High Stakes Climate Gamble”


I just hope this succeeds.

First, 57 Democratic Senators walked out of a caucus meeting today sounding like they’d been to a summer blockbuster movie instead.  The meeting was thrilling and inspirational


And within a few hours, we learn why Democratic Senators sound like 57 cats who hijacked the cream truck: Reid is making a high-stakes gamble on a climate bill.  Not a clean energy bill, but a climate bill to cap greenhouse gases

As one commenter at Daily Kos points out, “I am sick to death of people playing politics with this. This is about our survival and our planet’s survival. There is nothing political about this.”  I couldn’t agree more.

The bottom line is this: anthropogenic global warming is a fact scientists have known about for years now, with more evidence confirming it coming in almost every day. Also, even if there were no global warming, it is still imperative – for urgent economic and national security reasons – that we get off of oil ASAP. And it would still be advantageous for us to slash our natural gas and coal consumption, for both economic and local environmental reasons.  Adding in the environmental, economic and national security costs of global warming, and the case is absolutely overwhelming.  

In sum, even if you’re a “climate change skeptic,” there’s still a strong case to be made for taking out an “insurance policy” in case climate change is really occurring, and if our failure to act now will lead to disaster in a few years down the road. And, even if you’re a “climate change skeptic,” why not move towards a new energy economy that will benefit us anyway?

I know, too many facts and too much logic for the Faux “News” crowd.  Speaking of which, can you imagine if the party line at Faux was that global warming was really happening?  Right now, you’d have 24/7 coverage of the incredible heat we’re experiencing in our nation’s capital.  Not to mention the record-setting warmth, month after month, we’ve been experiencing.  Remember how they mocked global warming during last winter’s snowstorms?  Well, where are they now?  What ever happened to “fair and balanced?” Oh, I almost forgot, that’s just a punchy marketing slogan with absolutely no connection to reality. Sorry for mentioning it. Heh.


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