[LIVE] DC4D Candidate Meet N’ Greet


    (I know this isn’t about VA, thought folks here might be interested in the races across the river)

    Tonight, at 6:00pm (EST) we are fortunate to be filming DC for Democracy‘s pre-endorsement candidate meet n’ greet with numerous candidates for DC’s Democratic Primaries. You can find bios on all the candidates that will be attending at our 2010 DC Primary Elections page.

    (This is the full recording of the live broadcast, we’ll post short clips for candidates on our bio pages)

    Candidates confirmed to attend include:

    U.S. Congressional Delegate

    Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton (incumbent)

    Norton is the longstanding incumbent for the position of D.C. Representative. For several decades, she has focused her political drive toward securing full representational rights for the District of Columbia in Congress… read more

    Doug Sloan

    Sloan is the current Democratic challenger for the U.S. Congressional Representative seat for the District of Columbia. A native Washingtonian. He owns a public affairs consulting firm, Sloan Consulting, LLC… read more


    Mayor Adrian Fenty (incumbent)

    Adrian M. Fenty was elected the fifth Mayor of the District of Columbia in November 2006… read more

    Council Chairman Vincent Gray

    Mr Gray was first elected as the Council Chairman in 2006 running on a campaign message of “One City”… read more

    Leo Alexander

    Leo Alexander chaired the public relations committee for the DC Federation of Civic Associations. Since 2005, he has served as an executive board member of the Development Corporation of Columbia Heights (DCCH)… read more

    Council Chair

    Councilmember At Large Kwame Brown

    Kwame Brown was first elected to the City Counsel in 2004. He currently chairs the Committee on Economic Development… read more

    Vincent Orange

    Former Councilmember and current VP of Pepco, Vincent Orange is attempting to get back into politics… read more

    Councilmember At-Large

    Councilmember At Large Phil Mendelson (incumbent)

    Phil Mendelson was first elected to the City Council in November 1998. He is the Chairman of the Committee on Public Safety and the Judiciary… read more

    Clark Ray

    Clark Ray has served as Director of the Department of Parks and Recreation for DC, the Director of External Affairs for DC Sports and Entertainment Commission, a Neighborhood Services Officer, and in several offices in the Clinton/Gore administration… read more

    Kelvin Robinson

    Kelvin Robinson has held various senior-level positions within state and local government in Florida… read more

    Ward 1

    Councilman Jim Graham (incumbent)

    Jim Graham was first elected in 1998, and re-elected in 2002… In his first term on the Council, Mr. Graham chaired hearings and an investigation that uncovered major fraud and theft at the Office of Property Management… read more

    Jeff Smith

    Jeff Smith is a a D.C. native and long time resident of Ward 1, was an elected School Board Member and in 2007  became the Executive Director of DC VOICE… read more

    Bryan Weaver

    Bryan Weaver is a long-time community activist, an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner (ANC) serving in his fourth-term, and a communications professional… read more

    Ward 5

    Councilman Harry Tomas, Jr. (incumbent)

    Councilman Tomas was first elected in 2006 and is Chair of the D.C. City Council’s Committee on Libraries, Parks, and Recreation… read more

    Kenyan McDuffie

    Kenyan McDuffie worked as a trial attorney for the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice… read more

    Shadow Representative

    Shadow Representative Mike Panetta (incumbent)

    Mike Panetta has been the District of Columbia shadow representative since 2007. He started the District of Columbia Olympic Committee… read more

    Nate Bennett-Fleming

    Mr Bennet-Fleming was a staff assistant and intern in Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton’s office and has worked on numerous campaings… read more

    Jon Kuhl

    Mr Kuhl works as the Speaker and Congressional Affairs Manager at the Congressional Youth Leadership Council… read more


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