MediaMatters Fact Checks Corey Stewart’s Faux News Appearance


    Prince William County Board of Supervisors Chairman Corey Stewart was on the wingnuts’ favorite network, Faux, earlier this week, and as usual, the network – and its guest – were factually…er, “challenged.” In other words, they lied. To wit:

    [C]o-host Steve Doocy and guest Corey Stewart, chairman of the Prince William County, Virginia, board of supervisors, falsely claimed that the county’s controversial immigration law reduced violent crime and has never been altered.  In fact, Prince William County’s violent crime rates actually increased in 2009; the law was modified in 2008 to avoid legal challenges; and a University of Virginia study of the law shows that it has not led to a reduction in crime.

    Other than that, the interview was spot-on accurate! Heh.  The real question is, why does anyone watch Faux News (“unfair and unbalanced,” “we distort, you deride”) other than for perverse entertainment value?

    By the way, is Corey Stewart running for statewide office here in Virginia on an immigrant-bashing platform or what?!?

    UPDATE: Another error — Corey Stewart wasn’t the one who came up with this law, “credit”  for that should go to these guys.  Corey’s role was to push this throught, but FAIR actually wrote the law.


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