Moderate Republicans Scratching Their Heads over Fimian


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    Yesterday, on our blog we posted the media’s reaction to Keith Fimian’s nomination and how neutral, non-partisan observers agree that Keith Fimian’s extreme views are out of touch with Northern Virginians. Today in the Washington Post, Fimian’s fellow Republicans denounce his extreme Tea Party positions.  The Washington Post notes that Fimian is a “tea party-backed conservative.”

       […]”Fimian, who runs a home-inspection company and raised nearly $1 million for his primary battle, will now face freshman Rep. Gerald E. Connolly (D) in a general election rematch in November. He lost to Connolly in 2008 by 12 percentage points but has been born anew as a “tea party”-backed conservative.” […]

       […]”Meanwhile, Northern Virginia’s moderate Republicans, once defined by an unusual brand of fiscal conservatism and an independent streak on social issues, such as immigration, are scratching their heads and wondering about their futures.”[…]

       […]”[Former Republican Congressman (VA-11) Tom] Davis said that independent candidates and outside political groups were siphoning off support to centrist politicians such as himself.”[…]

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