President Obama: “Republicans Blocking Progress”


    “The President calls on Republicans in Congress to put scoring political points aside, and instead to focus on solving the problems facing the nation.  At the time of this address, the Republican leadership is blocking progress on a bill to boost the economy, retain jobs for teachers and cops, and help people buy their first home; another bill which would hold oil companies accountable for any disasters they cause by removing the current $75 million liability cap; and 136 highly qualified men and women who have been nominated to government positions.”

    On the other hand, Eric Cantor says that Gulf of Mexico oil catastrophe, which even its partner Anadarko blames on BP, is a “natural disaster.”  No, Mr. Cantor, it’s your policies and your ideology that led to this “disaster,” and they’re all manmade, by people just like yourself. Instead of apologizing to BP (or trying to blame President Obama, Democrats, environmentalists, anyone but yourselves), why don’t you guys apologize to the American people for what deregulation, crony capitalism, gutting government regulation, and creating a new “robber baron” era in this country, have done to us?


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