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Slate: Reporters Fall for Malek’s “Fake Penitence” on His Anti-Semitic Behavior


Bob McDonnell can downplay Fred Malek’s anti-Semitic actions and corrupt behavior ’til the cows come home. He can make the argument, laughably of course, that anyone who dislike Malek is not really against Malek, but actually has a secret agenda against “reform.”  Uh huh. McDonnell can even claim that everything happened years ago (except for that small matter in Connecticut, of course) and that Malek has “apologized.”  Whatever.

Fortunately, it’s doubtful that almost anyone is buying this rubbish. Certainly, Slate magazine isn’t.  Instead, Slate ups the ante, with an article about Malek’s “fake penitence” over “Jew counting,” and pointing out that it was actually far worse than that. The fact is, Slate writes, “Malek didn’t just compile a list of Jews; he demoted at least four of those Jews.” Whoops!

…A memo surfaced three years ago proving that Malek was intimately involved in the demotions, and that Malek demoted four Jewish-surnamed BLS officials, not two. Additional material surfaced this past January providing additional details, including the actual list of 13 Jews. (The identies of the additional six remain a mystery.)

Demoting Jews in the BLS is bad; demoting Jews for being Jewish is worse. Malek admits to the demotion but has falsely denied any role in the demotions, and apparently reporters are in no mood to confront him about this. That isn’t atonement. It’s deceit and evasion.

So, now what’s McDonnell going to say? Let me guess: he never knew about any of this; it’s not a big deal regardless; it’s all a liberal plot against him; blah blah blah (or maybe waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah?). But that’s Pat Robertson’s Manchurian Candidate for ya, what else would you expect from him? The big question is, how much longer are Democrats like Del. Bob Brink and Sen. Mary Margaret Whipple going to provide political cover for McDonnell by remaining on the corrupt/anti-Semitic Malek Commission?  Not that there ever was a good excuse for any Democrats to stay on that commission, but given these latest revelations, it’s absolutely inexcusable now.

P.S. As for the excuse that Jewish groups have forgiven Malek for his anti-Semitic behavior, from what I’ve been told, we really need to look into how much money Malek has given to some of these groups.  


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