“Tea Party Fail” in Fifth CD


    Gotta love this.

    …the conservative favorite Laurence Verga has deflated, losing campaign staffers who say the more moderate Republican state Sen. Robert Hurt is all-but-certain to handily capture the party nomination for the central Virginia district on June 8. That would pit Hurt — who drew ire for backing a 2004 state tax increase but is otherwise a pretty standard Republican — against freshman Rep. Tom Perriello, a Democrat who won a GOP seat during the 2008 Obama tidal wave. He’s vulnerable but has amassed a campaign war chest of more than $1.5 million.

    But the GOP isn’t free and clear yet of an intraparty battle, with yet another “true” conservative threatening to run as an independent in the general election if Hurt clears the seven-candidate field. Jeffrey Clark says he’ll make a third party run if Hurt wins the GOP nomination

    Now, all we need is this imbecile to come in and endorse Clark, and Tom Perriello should be easily reelected for another term. Go Tea Party! 🙂


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