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Where Ken Cuccinelli is Concerned, AG Really Means Abominable Grandstander


Talking Points Memo reports today that our  “AG” (Abominable Grandstander), Ken Cuccinelli,  still will not give the donations he received from a fake veterans organization to to real veterans.

Previously he took a $55,000 donation from the so-called “U.S. Navy Veterans Association” (USNVA) founder Bobby Thompson.  It turns out, however, that Thompson’s group was allegedly not what it was “cracked up to be.”  (You have to be pretty low to allegedly take money supposedly for veterans and then not give anything at all to veterans.)  So, other pols returned the donations or donated them to charity.  Not Cooch.

Said TPM:

After his fellow state Republicans discovered it, they hastily turned around and gave the tainted donations to actual non-profits that help individual veterans. Not Cuccinelli, though: he insisted on keeping them even as he told reporters that he also would not be initiating any investigation into Thompson or USNVA.

Today, Cooch announced he would put the money into an “escrow account,” pending the investigation into the group by the Agriculture and Consumer Services Committee. But according to TPM, Cooch will only return the money if it turns out that the organization’s money went to enrich its founder. As TPM points out, apparently, Cooch doesn’t care that no money was donated to real veterans.  That’s our AG folks, not a real AG, but rather an abominable grandstander. He’s also a hypocrite.  He talks about the right thing and being “right,” but doesn’t really know what that means.


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