Will McDonnell Kill Metro to Dulles?


    It sure looks like he could:

    Metro Interim General Manager Richard Sarles on Thursday warned Virginia that if it does not act within 24 hours to renew its pledge to provide $500 million to match federal funding for Metro over the next 10 years, that it will jeopardize the contract to purchase new Metro rail cars.

    “We have to know now that the commonwealth of Virginia … is committed to the local match,” said Sarles, raising his voice at a Metro Board of Directors meeting on Thursday. “If we don’t get it we will delay the…cars,” he said. “They won’t be ready for the Dulles extension.”

    Unless, of course, McDonnell thinks that Virginia commuters can walk along the Silver Line out to Tysons, Dulles Airport, etc. Hey Bob? You first!

    UPDATE: McDonnell backs down? If so that would be the pattern with this administration — do something crazy, out-of-the-mainstream, etc., then back down when they’re told by everyone how crazy and out-of-the-mainstream they are.  Except for Cooch, of course, who revels in being called crazy!  lol

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