Arlington Change of Gov’t Campaign Looks Even Worse Up Close


    I spent the morning volunteering at the Columbia Pike Farmers Market in Arlington, educating voters about the change of government plan backed by a coalition of public safety unions, the Arlington GOP & the Arlington Green Party. I don’t mean to flood the front page with posts about a local issue when Virginia Democrats’ attention should be focused on re-electing Tom Perriello & opposing the McDonnell/Bolling/Cuccinelli administration’s radical agenda. So I’ll hit some quick bullets & if you want the details, join me after the jump. Cool?

    • Petition supporters openly admit their strategy is to pressure voters into signing before they’re educated on the issue
    • 95% of petition signers have no idea what they’re signing
    • At least 75% of voters go from “sure, I guess I’ll sign” to declining to sign after being told the simple fact that there are two sides to this issue
    • People who do sign are often signing out of blind frustration with issues that will arguably be made worse under the change of government proposal

    Here’s all you really need to know: When I told a voter that Arlingtonians deserve a full open, honest debate about the issue, the government change supporter told me, “We’ll have a debate after it’s on the ballot.” Could anything be more un-democratic?

    At least now we know why the would-be government changers refused answer questions from the League of Women Voters & no-showed an Arlington County Democratic Committee debate. They know their biggest enemy is an educated public.

    (Note: If you want to look completely out of place at an Arlington farmer’s market, wear a cowboy hat & overalls.)

    (Always funny how the people who complain the loudest about taxes are the ones who can most afford to pay them.)

    A woman volunteered to me that she’d been at the Lee Harrison Shopping Center & was approached by a man who told her he was from Blacksburg. She asked if that was legal, to have someone from outside Arlington collecting signatures