Connolly abandons Democratic Party? Wants Bush Tax cuts for wealthy extended!


    At least according to his campaign literature, which headlines Gerry as an “Independent Voice for Northern Virginia.”  No where is the word “Democrat” to be found on the publication.

    Strange behavior for an incumbent in a district with a Cook PVI rating of D+2 in a return engagement against the same wingnut he beat handily in ’08 and over whom Gerry now has a fundraising advantage of more than $1 million.

    Even Nate Silver rates Connolly as more conservative than 53% of the Democratic caucus. You’d expect that kind of voting record from someone in a district with an even or R+1 PVI.

    Contrast this approach with Tom Perriello in a R+5 district who prominently displays the label “Democrat” in his literature and videos and voted for the jobs bill that Connolly voted against.

    Even Rick Boucher in a R+11 district still identifies himself on his campaign material as a Democrat.

    Will Gerry’s distancing himself from the Democratic Party be more effective than Creigh Deeds’ similar effort in ’09?

    Time will tell but don’t be surprised if base Democratic contributors send their dollars to the candidates who are proud to be a D.

    Now he’s come out for extending the Bush Tax cuts for the wealthy.  What’s next raising the retirement age to 70? Cutting Social Security benefits?

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