Eric Cantor Believes GOP “has lost sight of American ideals?”


    Even by clueless Eric Cantor standards, this is hilarious.

    No, the two words of this headline were not picked at random: they describe a flap over the publisher’s blurb describing a book by House Republicans Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan, and Kevin McCarthy entitled “Young Guns,” wherein publisher Simon & Schuster describes the three as “proud Republicans” who also believe the party has lost its way

    Apparently, the House Minority Whip believes that his own party “has lost sight of American ideals.” As a DCCC spokesman puts it, “If the leaders of the House Republicans don’t even have confidence in their party to do the right thing, why should the American people?” Great question. Any answers? No, didn’t think so (and no, I don’t buy the publisher’s lame attempt at walking this back).

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