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Gulf Residents Speak Out in VA, Urge Warner and Webb to Take Action on Clean Energy!


Photos and press release from the Alliance for Climate Protection and Repower America.

Gulf Residents Speak Out in Virginia on Need for a Clean Energy Policy,  Urge Senator Warner and Webb to Take Action This Year

RICHMOND, Va. (July 15, 2010) – Today, residents from the Gulf Coast traveled to local Richmond restaurant Louisiana Flair to describe the influence the recent oil spill has on their lives, and their desire for passage of a comprehensive clean energy and climate policy this year. This comes on the heels of a recent fly-in where Gulf residents met with leaders in Congress to discuss their firsthand experiences of the Gulf oil spill and why they want the Senate to pass clean energy policies to end our country’s oil addiction.

This event featured a broad group of Gulf residents who spoke about the damage this catastrophe has had on their way of life and local communities. Those affected by the oil spill are asking Virginia’s senators to make a choice: move forward with a comprehensive climate and energy bill in 2010 or stand on the side of Big Oil.

“I traveled to Virginia to share my story,” said Aimee Dominique, a clinical social worker from Lafayette, La. “Together with other Gulf residents, we told them the best way to respond to this devastating ‘gusher’ is by writing a letter to our senators urging an end to our nation’s dangerous dependence on oil.”

The participants represent workers and business owners from a variety of industries hit hardest by the oil spill, putting a human face to the tragedy that continues to unfold in the Gulf.

Chris Sehman, Helen Back Café owner in Fort Walton Beach, Fla. said, “I told Virginia residents and leaders that we must have a real comprehensive and long-term plan to give American businesses the tools necessary to develop clean energy technologies and move us past dirty fuels. At this important moment in time, senators should heed

President Obama’s call and pass a comprehensive climate and energy bill to put America in control of its energy needs.”


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