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Is This Satire or Is It Ken Cuccinelli?


Read this, and decide for yourself whether ludicrous “Crazy Cooch” wrote it – which is certainly plausible, given his “unique” views on just about everything, as well as given his approach to the Attorney General’s job (sue, sue, sue some more!)  – or whether someone else wrote it as satire. Of course, it’s not easy to do satire about someone who’s beyond satire, but anyway…the answer is after the “flip.”

Cuccinelli Welcomes Webb’s Reversal, Asks Democrat for list of discriminatory federal laws

“Now that the state’s Senior Democratic United States Senator admits Washington has been unfairly using federal power to force on Virginia arbitrary laws Mr. Webb promised to support in 2006 but now concedes discriminate against Virginians and must be abolished, hopefully Democrats will apologize for the character assassination against the hard-working lawyers in my office who under my direction have been trying to alert the public these types of abuses.”  

(Richmond) – Attorney General Kenneth T. Cuccinelli announced today he had written U.S. Senator Jim Webb asking for the statutory references to the federal laws cited in his Wall Street Journal article, entitled “Diversity and the Myth of White Privilege”, which the Senator said were being arbitrarily used by federal officials to actually inflict  “discrimination” against Virginians under the guise of “remediation.” Mr

Statement from Attorney General Cuccinelli:

“Senator Webb said these laws, passed by Democratic majorities, were based on “misguided policies” said Mr. Cuccinelli, “but as he knows, such political decisions are for the legislative branch to make, my office is involved only with interpretation the law and fairly, not in politics.

“My job” Mr. Cuccinelli said further ” is to protect Virginians from being discriminated by existing federal laws passed to try and force such “misguided” policies on the people of Virginia until Washington acts to fix their mistake. Since as Mr. Webb points out, discrimination is wrong, it is the job of the Attorney General to act with dispatch to block the enforcement of those laws being used by federal authorities to discriminate against Virginians.”

“Accordingly, I look forward, as due all Virginians, to having Senator Webb provided me with the list of the laws he said must be “abolished” due to their discriminatory nature and there hurtful impact on hard-working Virginians. .

Once I get this list, I will immediately file suit to stop such discrimination and look forward to calling Senator Webb as a star witness. In order to make sure unfair and hurtful discrimination is stopped as soon as possible, my office will be working this weekend to prepare the briefs required, thus allowing us to be ready as soon as Senator Webb can get us the official statutory citations required for the formal legal filings.”

The real author: Paul Goldman, but this certainly had me fooled for a while. I mean, this is totally something Cooch would do, and probably something he’s put out as a press release as well. In fact, I’m waiting for something similar from Cooch’s office any moment now.

By the way, as far as Webb’s Wall Street Journal article on affirmative action is concerned, I’m collecting my thoughts and will probably write something this weekend.  And no, it won’t be satire! 🙂


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