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Virginia Graduates Apply to Senators Webb and Warner for Clean Energy Jobs


Nice job on this one by Repower Virginia!

Virginia Graduates Apply to Senator Webb and Senator Warner for Clean Energy Jobs

Recent Graduates Drop Off Their Resumes to Senators Webb and Warner

Richmond, Va. – A transition to a clean energy economy can create 50,000 jobs in Virginia and current students and recent graduates from schools across Virginia including Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Richmond, University of Virginia, Virginia Tech, Radford University, College of William & Mary and George Mason University are calling on their Senators to support a clean energy economy creating the jobs young Virginians need.  Today, students from UVA, VT, VCU and W&M submitted their resumes to Senators Warner and Webb for employment consideration in a new clean energy economy.

“As a current student of University of Virginia with a major in Environmental Science, I bring the skills and commitment necessary to thrive in a new clean energy economy,” said Kellen Lauer.  “I hope Senator Warner and Senator Webb will consider my resume, and help produce the thousands of jobs businesses all across Virginia are ready and willing to create for graduating students like myself.”

Kellen is a talented student, awarded Dean’s List in all semesters and Second Year Science Scholar in 2009.  In addition to her dedication to the sciences, Kellen is a talented musician and is the current clarinet section leader in the Cavalier Marching Band.

Young people have the most to lose from the climate crisis, but have the most to gain from a clean energy economy. In an effort to call attention to the job creation potential of a 21st century clean energy economy, students across Virginia are asking Senator Webb and Senator Warner to help reverse the trend of youth unemployment by supporting climate and clean energy policies that can help empower their generation to build a sustainable economy through clean, efficient, renewable energy sources.

With the cost of higher education and youth unemployment continuing to rise, more and more college students are graduating into high debt and low job prospects.  According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, youth unemployment currently sits at 19.1% nationally, while according a 2010 report by the College Board, 17% percent of graduates will have more than $30,000 in debt upon graduation. With these factors combined, many college graduates are unable to land their first job before their first loan payment comes due.

“All across Virginia there are young people just like me, looking for a job.  We will soon have degrees in engineering, business, the sciences, and just like Senators Webb and Warner we want to make Virginia a better place.” said Navreet Deo, Virginia Tech Student.  “I hope they see something of value in my resume and remain confident in the talent and innovation of the young people of Virginia.”


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