6 Days. 13 Towns. 80 Miles.


    Remember 2008?

    Remember how we won?

    We won that election – and we changed this country – because we had good ideas, to be sure, but there was another reason.

    Sweat Equity. We worked our butts off.

    We made thousands of phone calls and we knocked on doors until our knuckles bled. We harnessed the power of the internet to spread our message far and wide. It wasn’t always easy, but we were working with great people, and we were motivated by the tremendous conviction of our cause.

    If we’re going to win again this November, if we’re going to deliver on the promise of change, we’re going to need to harness that same action-oriented politics once more. I know that it can be difficult in today’s climate to find that energy again. But we have to – if we don’t find it within ourselves to work hard on every single one of the next 77 days, America will pay a tremendous price.

    Hard work. Accountability. Accessibility. Leadership. Those are the watch words of our campaign for the 10th District. While Frank Wolf is dodging the tough issues and voting against growing jobs and reducing the deficit, I’m going to pound the pavement, talking about how we can promote economic recovery and grow the next generation of new jobs.

    In early September, I am going to walk from one end of the 10th District to the other. We’ll start in Gore on the 3rd, walking east until we reach McLean on the 8th. 6 Days. 13 Towns. 80 miles. I’ll be listening to voters, visiting small businesses, and sharing our vision for Virginia every step along the way.

    We’re going to win in November by going to voters with good ideas, hard work, and an honest handshake.

    This walk, in addition to the ten town halls I’m holding, is part of my commitment to accessible and accountable leadership.

    I hope you’ll take a look at this page, which lays out the route of our walk. We’ll host events every evening. As the schedule develops, the page will be updated with the most current information.

    Everyone in the Blue Virginia community knows that Virginia can’t afford a Congressman who blocks job growth, gives tax breaks to oil companies instead of investing in  renewable energy technologies, and stands in the way of Wall Street reform. We all have to work together to retire Frank Wolf.  For my part, I’m going to walk across the district, talking – and listening – to as many people as possible. I need your help, too. I hope you’ll continue to use your eloquence and your creativity to mobilize the vote and to win the war of ideas.  Together, as Governor Kaine says, we can keep Virginia moving forward.  


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