Albemarle Judge Throws Out Cuccinelli’s Subpoena Request


    Judge Paul M. Peatross, Jr., a retired judge sitting in the Albemarle Circuit Court, today issued a ruling in the case challenging Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s investigation into research on global warming.  Cuccinelli had requested the production of thousands of documents from the University of Virginia related to the research of former UVa climate change scientist Michael Mann, claiming that the AG was investigating “fraud in government contracting.”  The University of Virginia opposed the subpoena request, backed by groups like the Union of Concerned Scientists, who argued that this request interfered with academic freedom.  

    Today Judge Peatross threw out the AG’s civil investigative demands.  Entirely.

    The only down side is that they were thrown out “without prejudice,” meaning that the AG could try again if he wanted to.


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