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Antonia Scatton Named Executive Director of FCDC


The Fairfax County Democratic Committee announces the selection of its new executive director, and it’s a good one!

I am pleased to announce the selection of Antonia Scatton as the next FCDC Executive Director. Antonia has held a number of different political positions across the country from Illinois to California to Virginia and other areas. A Chicago native, she now lives in Arlington and has been active in the Arlington County Democratic Committee.

Having worked with Antonia on the Webb campaign, I can attest to the fact that she’s top notch. Congratulations to FCDC on its selection (and for continuing to set the standard as one of the best Democratic committees – along with Arlington, Virginia Beach, and a few others – in the Commonwealth), and good luck to Antonia in her new job!

P.S. From Netroots Rising, here’s Antonia talking about the early days of the Webb campaign.

We couldn’t get enough materials from the campaign to keep up with the huge numbers of volunteers Jim had in the streets. We had to literally make our own campaign lit: I wrote it up, got it approved by the campaign, put it up on the website and sent it out so people could copy it. It’s just amazing that the volunteers were willing to do this.

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