Cantor: Republicans Will Bring Back Earmarks if They Take House


    Hahahahahaha, gotta love this one.

    Cantor also signaled that earmarks may come back, after a one-year hiatus in which House Republicans set a moratorium on all earmark requests. But should the spending items reappear, they’ll be based on “merit, not muscle,” he said.

    If there are earmarks, there will be an earmark process that will ensure we’re doing everything we can to show the people that their dollars are not being wasted on monuments to me, on waste and pork,” Cantor said.

    In other words, as Red State’s Erick Son of Erick says, it’s “Meet the New Boss. Same as the Old Boss.” Erickson continues, “In other words, the GOP has learned nothing and forgotten nothing. They’ll merely bank on our preference for them to Pelosi as a block against Obama, but will otherwise keep expanding government and lining the pockets of preferred interest groups with bridges to nowhere save high deficits.”

    Stop, my sides hurt from laughing so much! 🙂

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