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Cooch Tries to Turn VA Into AZ on Immigration


Oh wonderful.

Law enforcement officials in Virginia can inquire into immigration status of those they stop or arrest–just as they can under a controversial new immigration law in Arizona–Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has ruled in an official legal opinion.

Written in response to a request for legal advice from Del. Bob Marshall (R-Prince William), Cuccinelli ruled that police officers and other legal authorities can look into the immigration status of anyone stopped or arrested.

But, but, but, wait! The Washington Post Sunday Magazine profile on Cooch portrayed him as a hero, a strong family man, a principled, authentic defender of sexual assault victims and fighter against “liberal universities,” etc., etc.  Which makes this latest action so out of character, and so confusing. Please explain, oh great Washington Post!

UPDATE: Arlington to Cooch, “Citizens living or traveling through Arlington should not be worried that our actions will be changing.”


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