dem pols hate liberals while republican pols fear their base


    so said some wag over the last several days in response to Gibbs’ multiple slaps at progressives. His electoral blackmail in his latest statement is infuriating.

    We all understand the reference to rethugs fearing their base.  Any comment made by any elected R that could be inferred to be less than fawning in adoration of Rush, Glenn or Sarah results in abject apologies by the pol within 48 hours if not faster.

    But do D pols hate liberals?

    If true, its leaves me feeling like I’ve been had by charlatans.

    It also reminds me of that old joke by Jerry Seinfield. He is a Jets fan and noticed that many of the players who had been on his team had, through free agency, gone to rival teams and several players he used to curse when they made good plays against his Jets were now on the Jets. Yet he found himself inescapably rooting for the Jets irrespective of the identity of the players.  He recognized that he was just rooting for the uniform. And what was the uniform but clothing or laundry.

    So he was just rooting for laundry.  

    Do these D pols who hate liberals expect us to campaign for laundry?

    Do these pols feel entitled to our blood, sweat, tears, time and money regardless of their abandonment liberal values?

    I get that Boucher in a R+11 district frequently has to vote differently than I’d like, hell, I’ve sent him money, but Glenn Nye shouldn’t have a worse record from our view than Tom Perriello when both are in R+5 districts. And neither should Prince Mark or Connolly when the state and the 11th are both D+2.

    What do we liberals have to do so that D pols fear liberals instead of hating us?

    Besides primarying these guys, do we have to withhold our resources and let them lose?


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