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McDonnell attracts Rick “Race Baiting” Perry for $$$ — McDonnell Vindicated


Texas Governor Rick “race baiting” Perry is headed to Virginia on Monday for a fundraiser being hosted by Governor McDonnell at the Altria headquarters.

This is a perfect meeting of two like-minded Republicans and I think Governor McDonnell has finally proven that his “Confederate History Month” proclamation back in April that purposefully left off slavery in order to “attract tourism”  was a smashing success.  You see, this is right up Rick “race baiting” Perry’s ally.

Just this past week, Rick “race baiting” Perry decided to attack former Mayor of Houston Bill White, who is running for Governor, for his often-repeated line about servant leadership.  Apparently, Bill White “slipped up” and mentioned this line about “servant leadership” at an event with a mostly African American audience. No one in the crowd thought anything of it, because they had actually heard Bill say it during his Democratic convention speech, and at events all across the state.

Well Rick “race baiting” Perry went through the roof and gasped with horror saying, “Injecting that kind of language into the race is not appropriate, and he should apologize to the people of Texas.” Oh the horror– the vapors are getting to me!

The state Rep who hosted the event, Barbara Mallory Caraway (D-Dallas), rebutted Rick “race baiting” Perry’s ridiculous claims saying, “This is a clear attempt on the part of Rick Perry’s campaign to use an emotionally sensitive issue like slavery to gain votes.”

So I would like to take a moment to congratulate Governor Bob McDonnell.

**Clap, Clap, Clap **

Your plan to attract people who enjoy race baiting and people who would be turned off by the truth about the civil war has been a SMASHING success.  You should get some sort of tourism award for your efforts.

I’m sure Rick “race baiting” Perry would write a recommendation.  Or perhaps he could get one of his crazy appointees at the Texas Board of Education to make the recommendation. Perhaps he could ask the person who proposed changing the phrase “slave trade” in history curriculum’s to the “Atlantic triangular trade.”

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