McEachin Not Impressed With McDonnell’s “Surplus”


    State Senator Donald McEachin isn’t particularly impressed with Bob McDonnell’s “surplus.”

    When I hear the word surplus, I assume that we’ve met all of our unmet needs, and clearly we haven’t done that in Virginia,” said Sen. Donald McEachin (D-Henrico)….”I think the overarching problem is we do not have the political will to raise revenue,” McEachin said, referencing the idea of raising the gasoline tax, or freezing car tax relief.

    Another “overarching problem” is what Doug Mataconis callscreative accounting… used to make people think that the financial picture of the state is better than it actually is.”  “Creative,” as in “skipping payments to the Virginia Retirement System to the tune of $620 million.”  Nice.

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