The Continuing Chronicle of Ken Cuccinelli’s Corruption


    For a minute, let’s forget about Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s radical, ultra-right-wing agenda. Instead, let’s focus on something that crosses party lines – corruption. The question is whether Cuccinelli is Virginia’s Rod Blagojevich, as in: bribery, public corruption, and wire fraud (“any criminally fraudulent activity that has been determined to have involved electronic communications of any kind, at any phase of the event”).  Given that a number of states are already investigating the “U.S. Navy Veterans Association” scam, and given that Senator Webb has asked the IRS to investigate this situation, at some point somebody’s going to start talking to the feds. At that point, they’re going to be looking at a possible plea bargain: reduced sentence for the “small fry” in exchange for evidence against public officials like our most excellent Attorney General. Until that time comes, we will keep you updated on the latest developments in the case, and more broadly into the corruption “stench” that is Ken Cuccinelli.

    8/20/13: Dozens of emails surface from Virginia AG office to gas company

    8/14/13: Va. Sen. Puckett says landowners impetus for seeking investigation

    8/13/13: Inspector general probes Cuccinelli’s office

    8/11/13: Conflicts emerge as hurdles for Cuccinelli’s run

    7/29/13: AP’s Bob Lewis on Ken Cuccinelli’s Star Scientific Problem

    7/18/13: Ken Cuccinelli didn’t break law by not disclosing Star Scientific stock, prosecutor says

    7/15/13: Virginia’s Attorney General Faces Scrutiny for Ties to Executive

    7/10/13: Despite Ken Cuccinelli’s Claims, Records Show Deep Involvement In Bob McDonnell Ethics Controversy

    7/4/13: Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s involvement with Star Scientific

    6/29/13: Cuccinelli fights bid to compel testimony

    6/12/13: Cuccinelli, Penguins and Natural Gas

    5/26/13: Clipping cronies with Cuccinelli

    4/27/13: Cuccinelli discloses more gifts from Star Scientific CEO

    4/24/13: Cuccinelli’s office to withdraw from Todd Schneider prosecution

    4/17/13: Cuccinelli, McDonnell, and the Star Scientific scandal

    4/16/13: Dirty Energy Fuels Climate Change Denier Ken Cuccinelli’s Campaign

    4/9/13: Va. Dems demand Cuccinelli’s resignation, again

    4/8/13: Cuccinelli denies conflict of interest claims

    4/4/13: Cuccinelli will appoint outside counsel for suit involving firm he owns stock in

    3/30/13: Va. Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s disclosure of stock holdings was delayed

    3/12/13: Cuccinelli Sits Silent as Ohio Tries Campaign Donor who Defrauded Virginians

    10/15/12: Coincidences abound with Ken Cuccinelli & ‘Bobby Thompson’

    5/2/12: One-time leader of Navy vets organization arrested

    1/17/12: Cuccinelli announces settlement with fundraising firm

    8/14/11: As Navy Veterans charity was being exposed as fake, there was a face that was real

    8/11/11: Treasurer of fake U.S. Navy Vets charity sentenced in Ohio

    8/4/11: Cuccinelli stays away from U.S. Navy Veterans Association probe

    6/23/11: Treasurer of phony charity U.S. Navy Vets is convicted

    3/3/11: Not just criticizing; credit is given when it’s deserved

    2/24/11: Another U.S. Navy Veterans Association review means more delay

    2/23/11: Virginia suspects fraud by charity purporting to benefit Navy veterans

    2/22/11: State agency finds phony Navy veterans charity collected $2 million in Va.

    12/28/10: Fla. paper profiles fake Navy veterans’ charity that raised millions

    12/27/10: Navy Vets leader made an unchecked rise into elite circles

    12/7/10: Steve Shannon: “Watchdog would keep politicians honest”

    12/5/10: Navy Veterans former lawyer: ‘I was duped’

    11/11/10: Scam Wrapped in Patriotism

    11/11/10: GOP Donor Stole Millions Through Phony Veterans Group, Authorities Say

    10/28/10: Ohio officials say solicitors’ take could be $100 million in Navy Vets case

    10/27/10: $2M Ohio bond for woman accused of Navy vets scam

    10/15/10: Ohio indicts leader of Tampa-based Navy Veterans charity

    8/31/10: Will Cuccinelli now launch a probe of the Albermarle judge?

    8/23/10: Campaign Finance: Slipped Gear

    8/9/10: Ohio arrest warrant tip of legal troubles for ‘sham charity’

    8/6/10: Cincinnati BBB: Arrest Warrant Issued for Director of U.S. Navy Veterans Association

    8/6/10: Cooch’s Achilles Heel?

    8/6/10: TPM Police Start Nationwide Search For Scamtastic Cuccinelli Donor

    8/5/10: Roanoke Times: WANTED: The con man who gave Cuccinelli $55,500

    8/3/10: PilotOnline: IRS seizes records from U.S. Navy Vets group

    8/1/10: IRS seizes records from U.S. Navy Vets

    7/29/10: Rachel Maddow: Cuccinelli finally gives away Navy Vets’ money

    7/28/10: Roanoke Times: Cuccinelli to donate campaign contributions from director of embattled Navy veterans group

    6/28/10: Is Ken Cuccinelli Virginia’s Rod Blagojevich?

    6/27/10: NLS: “The Stench” and the Richmond Times-Dispatch editorial by the same name.

    6/23/10: Pay-to-Play Scandal in the Making?

    6/23/10: Washington Post: “Shannon connects Cuccinelli campaign promise, donation”

    6/18/10: TPM: Cuccinelli Still Won’t Give Fake Vets Group Donations To Real Veterans

    5/28/10: Roanoke Times: Consumer agency looks into Navy Veterans group

    5/18/10: TPM: Cuccinelli Won’t Give Up Money From Founder Of Alleged Scam Charity — Also Not Eager To Investigate

    5/17/10: DPVA Tells Cuccinelli to Donate Tainted $50,000 Contribution, Investigate US Navy Veterans Association

    5/17/10: TPM: Top Cuccinelli Contributor’s Mysterious ‘Charity’ Under Scrutiny

    5/6/10: U.S. Navy Veterans Association being investigated after it claims officer is not fictional


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