Can You Imagine Robert Hurt Speaking Like This?


    Per Tom Perriello’s YouTube channel:

    At his town hall meeting in Charlottesville, Rep. Tom Perriello discussed innovative ideas to reduce dependency on foreign oil. This includes revolutionary improvements in vehicle efficiency like those being developed by Oliver Kuttner’s Lynchburg-based Edison 2 team who is currently in contention for the $10 million X-prize for a vehicle that gets over 100 mpg.

    Great stuff, and it’s particularly impressive how knowledgeable Tom Perriello is about it. Now, close your ideas and try to imagine Robert Hurt speaking like this. Not happening for ya? Nope, didn’t think so. That’s probably because, so far in this campaign, all Hurt’s demonstrated is an ability to mouth mindless right-wingnut talking points, and/or whatever Chris “Swift Boat” LaCivita tells him to say.  Is that really the kind of person 5th CD residents want to represent them in Congress, especially when they have such an outstanding Congressman right now in Tom Perriello?  I sure hope not.

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